Timberland Plastic Challenge Fuses Art and Fashion in a Sustainable Bid to Reduce Plastic Waste

In collaboration with the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer Bee’ah

Timberland has long made a commitment to lessen its ecological footprint on earth while continuing to leave an indelible mark on the outdoor footwear and apparel industry. This season, the brand is making considerable strides in its mission, thanks to the ReBOTL capsule collection of men’s footwear that uses the equivalent of 6 to 10 plastic bottles in each style. The ReBOTL capsule collection blends lightweight and breathable Recycled Knit technology with an outsole made from recycled plastic bottles. It comprises five silhouettes, including three oxford styles, a chukka and an alpine boot. Since 2009 the equivalent of 310 million plastic bottles have found a new life through the brands products.

Timberland in the UAE joined efforts with Bee’ah, the region’s sustainability pioneer, in challenging local creatives to reduce their daily use of plastic. An environmental leader and a pioneering force for sustainable solutions in the region, Bee’ah is creating a better quality of life for all cities and communities by focusing on sustainability and innovation. In hopes to create a healthier environment in the UAE and promote sustainability, Bee’ah and Timberland have joined forces to ask the UAE to take the #PledgeNoPlastic challenge.

Four influencers @bin_baz, @omarborkan, @zoehappyfit, @djblissdubai nominated by Timberland, participated in the challenge to practice sustainable living by making a commitment to collecting the plastic products they had accumulated over the course of one week and documented their journey through their preferred media. Their plastic waste was then used to create an Art installation in Al Serkal Avenue that showcases what an individual’s one year use of plastic would look like, that amounted to 105kgs of plastic an average person in the UAE uses a year. The challenge and art installation serve as a demonstration and reminder to the public on the detriments that daily usage of plastic products has on the environment.

Timberland is committed to leading the region towards a more sustainable future through the challenge. Participation is simple and open to the public, all members of society are welcome to join the Eco Force by using the hashtag #PledgeNoPlastic and encourage their followers to follow in their ecological footsteps. Over time, the brand will continue to monitor the hashtags, build an "Eco Force" and identify new ways to help support the community in their efforts towards an Eco positive journey.



Please join our movement by collecting your plastic for a week.

Upload a picture of it using the hashtag #PledgeNoPlastic and challenge 3 friends to do the same.

Let’s save the environment, one pledge at a time.